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22. 3. 2024

| Kunsthalle / Hala umenia Košice

Festival Káva Čaj Čokoláda Košice 2024

Hey lovers of coffee, chocolate and tea!
Interior of the magical Kunsthalle in the heart of Košice will change for two days on the biggest coffee, chocolate and tea event of the year. Penetrating scent of speciality coffee, enchanting aroma of exotic tea and unexchangeable taste of true chocolate will be floating all around the Kunsthalle on 22 and 23 of March 2024.
Let yourself be carried away by the taste of the highest quality coffee from domestic and foreign roasters, surrender with us to the charm of craft confectionery and please your senses with pure taste of quality tea. Except the other things, you may get even more joy from the amount of craft products, handmade jewelry, design pieces, literature and also from art.

Čas a místo

22. března 2024

10:00 dop.

Kunsthalle / Hala umenia KošiceRumanova 1, Košice, Slovensko

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